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Pro-Surve Technical Services Acquisitions, LLC has acquired D&C inspection Services, Inc., an established and proven Inspection Service provider in Seabrook, TX. D&C Inspection Services, Inc. has been managed by Christopher Rahe, the VP of Global Operations, and his staff for the last 7 years.

D&C Inspection Services, Inc. has grown steadily since it opened our doors in February of 1991 due to our customer service ideals and the introduction of newer communication technologies. Our company utilizes a network of highly-qualified and experienced inspectors and expediters across North America and globally. D&C is one of the global source inspection and vendor surveillance leaders.

D&C offers experienced personnel in various areas of the petrochemical industry. New personnel are employed regularly to better cover each region, reducing client costs for travel and expenses. All D&C personnel are carefully screened to ensure an optimum experience for our clients. Inspection and expediting personnel work histories and resumes will be furnished as requested.

D&C added Field Services / Construction Staff Augmentation to our portfolio in 2019. We now have a robust matrix of CWI, Civil Inspectors, API 510, 570, 653 Inspectors, Mechanical Inspectors, Electrical Inspectors, NACE Inspectors, and Insulation Inspectors who have been vetted and ready for field assignments. This addition to operation has provided several projects with flexible manpower available in 5 working days or less for short term and long-term assignments.

In addition to our Field Services / Construction Staffing we have updated our Quality Management System to reflect current ISO 9001-2015 standards and practices